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En vedette ce mois-ci à l'Excentris | Cinéma Montréal
  • The Heart that Beats (Ce coeur qui bat)

  • Ce coeur qui bat

The human heart… It can ache. It can be poured out. It can flutter madly and even break. Whether the problem is physical or psychological, a troubled heart needs attention. So just how bad is it, Doc? Director Philippe Lesage points his lens at Montreal’s Hôtel-Dieu hospital for a sobering assessment of some of society’s most devastating ailments: solitude, psychological distress, social conflicts, run-down bodies and minds that have reached their wits’ end. Deliberately paced, the film follows a variety of events as they unfold around the hospital. Set to a thoroughly captivating soundtrack, The Heart That Beats gives illness a human face while it examines the depths of our suffering.

Source: RIDM.

  • February 4 to 17 2011
  • Philippe Lesage, Quebec, 82 min, O.V. French
    S.T. English


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